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Personal medical records organizer
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Section Refills

$5.95 Each, Includes Shipping and Handling.

Refill pages can be ordered by individual sections. Each section comes with a sample page. Pages are copyrighted and trademarked, My Doctor Bk®. Made in the USA.

Pink, My Admitting Information

For your personal information, medical history, and up to
300 additional notations in the Chronolgy of Care.

Green, My Diagnostic Test Reports
Includes CD holder for 4 CDs

Room to list 300 items of diagnostic information.

White, My Doctor Visits

Use as your agenda at 48 separate doctor visits. Document
your symptoms, questions, diagnosis and treatment plan.

Yellow, My Medications List

Room to list 144 medications with the diagnosis,
prescribing doctor, date started and stopped, and results.

Gold, My Prescription Labels

Room for 96 labels as well as written notes on the
diagnosis, prescribing doctor, refill dates, and comments.

Blue, My Calendar of Medical Care — Contact us for Refills
Includes, Orange, My Medical Insurance Claims Page