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My Doctor Book used by Medicare and Medicaid Services

Press Release | November, 2014

My Doctor Book was used in 2013-2014 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at the Kansas Foundation of Medical Care (KFMC), a Quality Improvement Organization, in a Special Innovation Project to improve beneficiaries’ activation and patient engagement.

(Patient engagement is a concept which has been shown to improve patient health and lower health care costs. It has been noted that engaged patients not only reduce health care costs but also better understand their health, improve adherence to medical regimens and have better clinical outcomes.)

The results of this KFMC study indicate . . . "there was a transition of participants from lower levels of engagement to higher levels of engagement and activation." In conclusion, My Doctor Book helped those beneficiaries who wanted to become engaged or were already engaged in their health care remain motivated and become even more engaged in their healthcare.

In this study, KFMC reports, My Doctor Book, . . . "was selected based on focus group feedback and staff research." The report concluded that My Doctor Book "provides beneficiaries and health care consumers an immediate opportunity to become more engaged in their health and provides a long-term solution to help sustain engagement and improve care coordination."

My Doctor Book was not only popular and sought after by many beneficiaries, but was also considered a valuable resource by health care provider organizations including physicians, hospitals and home health agencies. It was determined that a large segment of seniors and beneficiaries were more comfortable with the 'hard copies' My Doctor Book provides over information technology.

A few comments about My Doctor Book by study participants:

"I have read your book to see how to follow your directions in My Doctor Book. I have practically filled it up with all medical records, doctor’s appointments, medication, lab work, and X-rays. I love the way you have it tabbed so I can keep track of each document. I like that there is a front and backside of the papers. Having this book has made me more aware of my medical conditions, medications, and lab work, which in return has helped my physician to use it to help me with my care. Thanks a lot for my new doctor book and I will be showing it to other individuals in my age group; and they have all liked the book."

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter and My Doctor Book. I received mine at the Senior Fair in Salina last year. I hate to admit that I haven’t fully completed all the sections yet, but what I have accomplished has helped me with my healthcare. What a wonderful tool!"

"I love the ‘my doctor book’. Useful!"

"I originally filled this out and got the doctor book for my father-in-law who is on Medicare. I am filling this out as him. The book was a great idea. He seemed interested and it is a goal this fall to get his stuff organized for him. Thank You."

"I love the book. Thank you so much!"

"I love the My Dr Binder!"

"Your ‘My Doctor Book’ is wonderful."

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