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PREVENT MEDICATION ERRORS!!! Keep a detailed list of all your medications.

It is vitally important to keep track of your medication to avoid a duplication of prescriptions, as well as complications from combining the wrong medications together, and their possible side effects. It is also essential to keep a list of your medications in one place so that a caregiver or paramedic/EMT can easily access this information.

Prescription labels in Florida* are comprehensive sources of information about your medications. Florida labels tell you:
  • Name of the medication and whether it is a brand name or a generic drug
  • Date Medication was dispensed
  • Doctor who prescribed medication
  • Dosage of medication
  • Pharmacy where you filled the prescription and their contact information
  • Directions about how and when to take the medication

*Prescription labels are not standard throughout the U.S.

Over the counter medications come with literature to tell you:
  • What the medication is for
  • How and when to take the medicine
  • Cautions when using the drug
  • Possible side effects of the medication
There are three ways to record your medication information in
My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer®
  • My Medications List allows you to record the names and dates of your medications. Keep one page for your daily maintenance medications and use another page for your other medications as you need them.
  • My Prescriptions page lets you tape a duplicate copy of your prescription or non-prescription label to the page and also provides space for you to rewrite the medication information beside the labels.
  • Medication literature that comes with your prescriptions can be filed in this section between My Medications List and My Prescriptions.

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