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My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer® — The Effortless Way to Store Your Important Medical Documents!
A Personal Medical Records Organizer

There are many important documents pertaining to your medical care that should be filed in a readily accessible place. My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer® provides a special area for storing this critical information. In addition, My Documents section contains a large, secure envelope for copies of your legal documents and photocopies of your insurance ID cards, as well as a small, zippered pouch you can use to hold your original insurance ID cards for quick retrieval.

Important Medical Care Documents Include:
  • Copies of your photo ID
  • Copies of your insurance ID cards
  • Copies of your legal documents and Advance Directives,
    which can include a:
    • Declaration of Living Will
    • Declaration Naming a Pre-need Guardian
    • Designation of a Health Care Surrogate
    • Durable Power of Attorney

These documents tell the Doctor or Medical Services Provider:

  • Who you are
  • The decisions you made for yourself in the event you are unable to communicate

Your physician's office may want to make copies of these documents for their records. This page saves them lots of time and extra work!

My Documents Envelopes

The small, zippered envelope/pouch within My Documents will give you or your caregiver quick access to your original insurance ID cards. The large Velcro closing envelope is just the right size to hold copies of your legal documents and photocopies of your ID and insurance ID cards.  There is even a template included in this section to help you organize and photocopy the fronts and backs of your IDs on one page.

Place the completed template in the back of the large envelope, with the information facing out. Your provider will be able to see your information easily through the envelope. In addition, you will find that you will use this page often, so it will save you time once you make it!

Don't lose track of your essential medical documents! Order your copy of My Doctor Book or give one as a gift today!

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