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Diagnostic Test Reports: Some of the Most Valuable Medical Information You Can Possess

Think about it — your doctor tells you the results of your diagnostic tests, but how long do you remember the specifics of the report? ¬†Many people say that they forget much of what the doctor has said soon after walking out of the office.

Why Should You Get a Copy of Your Test Reports?

Because these test results:

  • Verify information about your medical condition
  • Contain facts that may help determine your course of care
  • Will be needed by other doctors if you are referred to a specialist or other physician
Ask your doctor for a copy of the report for every diagnostic test you take.
  • Written on paper
  • Sent to your email or home address
  • Downloaded onto a CD
Keep Your Diagnostic Test Results Handy

My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer® gives you an easy way to store your Diagnostic Test Reports for future reference: paper copies can be stored within the Index section and CDs can be stored in the included CD holder. By keeping them handy in the "My Diagnostic Test Reports" section, you or your doctor will be able to:

  • See patterns of symptons
  • Avoid duplication of services
  • Become aware of possible discrepancies or changes in testing results
  • Have information available if your medical records from a prior office have been archived and are unobtainable

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