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My Admitting Information Section Tracks Vital Information
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My Admitting Information section will help you keep track of vital medical data. It comes in three parts so you can record essential information and keep it at your fingertips. This section will help you or a loved one through any medical situation — from a simple office visit to an emergency situation. The three parts are:

  • My Personal Information,
  • My Medical History and
  • My Chronology of Care.

My Admitting Information Section Will Help You Keep Up To Date With:

  • Contact Information (both your information and your doctor's information)
  • Identification Information
  • Insurance Information
  • Known Allergies
  • A Diary of Your Medical Care (such as illnesses, accidents, and diagnostic tests)
  • Baseline Information (such as immunization records, medications and their doses, and pre-existing conditions)

My Personal Information and My Medical History Page

This page (front & back) was created because my neighbor and her sister needed to be able to carry a single page with them at all times — one that contained as much vital information written on it as possible. The patient and their caregiver should take time to fill out the My Medical History page together. Keep in mind that you might need to ask for help from other family members in order to gather all the important information about the family medical history.

Take My Personal Information and My Medical History with you when you go on a trip. When my mother was getting ready to go on an extended trip, I took this page out of her My Doctor Book, put it in her Velcro closing envelope along with her Advance Directives, and packed it in her suitcase.  I felt assured that if she needed medical care while she was away, some of her most important information would be available.

My Chronology of Care

My Chronology of Care is a list of brief notes about your health — what is happening to you according to date. When I first became a caregiver, I wrote down everything that happened during a medical visit on lined notebook paper. I included doctor visits, diagnostic testing visits, hospital and emergency room visits. Soon, it became hard to find the information I wanted quickly, so I made a list of the basic information about each event according to date.  I call this list My Chronology of Care.

Without a Road Map of Information, It's Easy to Lose Your Way! 

When you share My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer® with your doctors, it is easier for them to scan a list than to read through a narrative. Keep My Chronology of Care like you would a diary: it is a bird's-eye view of your or your loved ones care.

Be sure to include:

  • Dates of illnesses or accidents
  • Doctor visits
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Hospitalizations

The information that is listed in the My Chronology of Care section can also be recorded with more detail in the sections called My Doctor Visits and My Diagnostic Test Reports.

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