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Mary E. Carlton, Author of My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer

Mary E. Carlton

My name is Mary E. Carlton. I am a retired special education teacher with a Masters Degree in Education. I taught for 37 years in multigrade special education classes in South Florida. I first learned about medical record keeping while working as a hospital Admitting Clerk when I was attending college. I worked in an Emergency Room, as well as in the general Admissions Department of two major hospitals in South Florida. These jobs required me to record medical insurance information, document patient diagnosis, and consult with nursing staff regarding patient room assignments based on diagnosis.

Although, I did not realize it at the time, I started writing My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer®, twenty years ago when I first became a caregiver. As I gradually assumed the role of caregiver for my mother-in-law, I learned how to organize her medical records in a three-ring notebook that I could take with us to the doctor. I created additional sections for the notebook as new information became relevant and necessary.

At one point, I was caregiver for three family members simultaneously, my mother-in-law, my uncle, and my mother. It was impossible for me to remember the specific details of everyone's condition, so I made an individual notebook for each person. Consequently, when I was helping these dear people get ready to go to the doctor, I would always say, "Don't forget your Doctor Book!" The notebook became an essential part of all our doctor visits. As my mother-in-law, uncle, mother, and I discussed treatments and medications with doctors, we were able to refer to the information that I had recorded in their respective "Doctor Books". We were able to ask the doctor questions that directly affected their treatment, and I was able to record specific treatment directions, as well as the gradual changes in their conditions.

Being the caregiver for elder relatives for two decades has given me considerable experience with a multitude of doctors, medical conditions, hospitals, emergency rooms, treatment centers, insurance companies, assisted living facilities, and government agencies. My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer® includes the recommendations I received from these professionals as well as those I received from fellow caregivers. My family and friends and I continue to use My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer® both as caregivers and for ourselves.

I hope My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer® is as helpful to you and your loved ones as it has been for me.