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Personal medical records organizer

Personal Medical Records Organizer

Welcome to My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer®
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As a caregiver for 20 years, I know a well-kept organizer can be a lifesaver for anyone keeping health care records. My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer® is a comprehensive personal medical records organizer for:

Caregivers • Seniors • Parents • Families • Individuals

What would you do if you needed emergency medical treatment today?
  • Would you remember the names of your daily medications
    and their dosages?
  • Would you remember your family medical history?
  • Would you know this same information for an elderly parent? For your child?
Keep This Information at Your Fingertips!

My Doctor Book is designed to go with you to your doctor appointments.

Complete and Easy To Use!

My Doctor Book is complete and easy to use with detailed instructions and examples of the types of information you are likely to need. Use it to:

  • Keep track of an elderly parent's medications, tests, and diagnostic results.
  • Keep your children's vaccination records within easy reach.
  • Take it with you when you travel for instant access to your medical records.
Customize My Doctor Book: A Personal Medical Records Organizer®
to meet your needs.
  • Rearrange the sections according to your priorities.
  • Choose how and where to record your medical information.
  • Place the moveable accessories where they are convenient for you.
  • Add pages as you get them from your doctor and insurance company.

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In a power outage or when the computer is down, electronic information may be inaccessible — but you could have all your information stored in one convenient book!

Don't be caught unprepared!

Order your copy of My Doctor Book or give one as a gift today — contact us online or call us at (954) 236-2999.

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